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Gold Coast Desalination Plant

As a climate-resilient source of water, the Desalination Plant supplies drinking water to the SEQ water grid, and ramps up supply in times of flood or drought, or when conventional water treatment plants are offline.

It uses an advanced technology called reverse osmosis to remove the salt and the plant can supply around 133 million litres of water a day - that's equivalent to more than 50 Olympic swimming pools.

Built in 2010, the plant generally operates in 'hot standby' mode, ready to increase production if and when required. It has played a significant role in maintaining water supplies during extreme weather events. It supplied up to 20 percent of the region's drinking water supply during floods and heatwaves.

Boyd Street, Tugun


Building type: Desalination plant

Design: Sinclair Knight Merz and Cardno

Builder: John Holland

Operator: Veolia

Website: seqwater.com.au