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Alta Apartments

Alta Apartments, located at vibrant Main Beach, combine the best of luxury beach house and apartment living. The design goal was to explore an alternative to the typical duplex, with wider, more spacious interiors and a focus on liveability, quality and attention to detail.

This three storey building is constructed on two amalgamated 560 square metre parcels of land with a northern orientation to Woodroffe Avenue. Features include cantilevered north facing balconies, side courtyard balconies and three and four bedroom apartment options with a bathroom for every bedroom.

The main pedestrian entry foyer is designed to feel private, calm and uplifting. Sun shading, lighting and ventilation is regulated automatically according to the time of day.

The complex that won commendations at the AIA 2016 Gold Coast Northern Rivers Regional Architecture Awards and the Queensland State Architecture Awards.

50 Woodroffe Avenue, Main Beach


Building type: Residence
Architect: Willemsen Architecture
Built: 2015
Website: wilarc.com