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Ceramic House

Ceramic House, circa 1919, is historically significant in demonstrating the early 20th century phase of development in Nerang.

The house represents the design and form of the Queensland style of timber house that was once common on the Gold Coast. As a result of development, which has transformed rural areas into suburban environments, these types of houses are now becoming increasingly rare.

Ceramic House, despite being relocate during its renovation, continues to demonstrate the principal characteristics of an early timber and iron domestic dwelling.

Today, the house is a symbolic representation of the past in the present and much valued as a museum and community building.

It has been restored by the Nerang Community Association Inc and is treasured by those who knew the family who built the house, local school children and the wider Nerang and Gold Coast community.

Bischof Pioneer Park, 48 Nerang Street, Nerang,

9.00am - 4.00pm



Guided and self-guided tours are available.

Building type





Circa 1919