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Australian Industry Trade College

The Australian Industry Trade College (AITC) is an independent senior school with a trade focus. The College mission is to create the highest standard of school-based apprentices and trainees for industry through a rigorous program of recruitment, senior education, quality training and employment in industry.

The College established in 2006, started a 10 month construction program in Scottsdale Drive, Robina in February 2010 under the tutelage of Alder Constructions. The building, opened in April 2011, encloses a central courtyard and has 1600sqm of floor space with learning spaces, gymnasium and administration at ground level, and staff rooms above.

The initial concept was designed by Amy Degenhart of DegenhartSHEDD. This design was further modelled and adjusted to suit the AITC special requests to accommodate specific administration & training facilities.

The classroom building required numerous concrete bored pier foundations to support the structure. Soil sampling suggested that the existing ground conditions were unsuitable to support the proposed development, therefore deep foundations were drilled in to the existing ground areas to support the new structure.

Some interesting facts about the AITC building:

  • The classroom building is constructed using all precast tilt-panel construction ensuring the facility will remain durable and modern for a considerably time.
  • The administration building is constructed in a light weight product called Hebel, which is rendered and painted. The Hebel is also installed over a complete steel frame wall system which is light weight and durable.
  • The front offices of the administration building have a completely reflective glass. However from the inside, you can clearly see passers-by.
  • The buildings are linked via fibre optic network cabling, which allows for growth in IT & Communications advancements.
  • The solar system is an 8kW system which provides an annual total 11,000kWh – saving the College approximately $3000 a year in energy costs.

281 Scottsdale Drive, Robina

10.00am - 1.00pm



Guided and self-guided tours. 10 minute guided tours of class rooms, common areas and the main piazza will run between 10.00am and 1.00pm. No booking required.

Building type



Amy Degenhart of DegenhartSHEDD


2010. Opened April 2011