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The Residence is named after its previous civic use as a home to the Southport Postmaster's Family from 1908-1965.

It became the Postmaster General's Residence due to its convenient location directly next to the Gold Coast's major post office. In the late 1960's, the Southport Post Office was rebuilt and a telephone exchange was added.

The role of the Postmaster General had changed, so in 1967, The Residence was rebuilt entirely and became the Maternal and Child Welfare Centre. For nearly 50 years, the Centre housed nurses and sisters upstairs and serviced Gold Coast mothers and children downstairs.

In 2017, the building was purchased by the Howe Family, who in 2002 purchased and restored the old Ambulance Station next door at 45 Nerang Street Southport.

The Residence is now a fully restored multi-purpose commercial building with tenants such as Study Gold Coast, Gold Coast Student Hub and Mr P.P.'s Deli.

43 Nerang Street Southport

10AM - 3PM

No booking required

Guided tours

Building Type
Commercial offices, restaurant

Karl Langer (1967) Arran Woolams (2017)

 1967, Refurbished 2017