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Tallai House

This private residence is a showcase example of steel fabrication designed for, and built by, its owners.

Perched high upon a steep Tallai site that falls away to a natural bushland setting and sweeping coastal views, the design captures the best of the site’s amazing position.

Broken into three intersecting pavilions, the house is strategically positioned to allow as much glass as possible and to engage with the environment around it.

Two cantilevered steel halos at the tips of the eastfacing pavilions act as pointers, a gesture to the rising sun at both the winter and summer solstice.

The engineering is significant, leading to many fine bespoke details exploring the extremes of compressive and tension engineering. This includes a significant singular support for the cantilevered box which hangs prominently over an abrupt, descending escarpment.

Supported on six elegant struts, each converges to one singular footing, bearing the entire weight of the house onto a singular pad footing, grounded deeply within the hillside.

12 Grandview Terrace, Tallai

10AM - 3PM



Pre-booked guided tours only

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Paul Ziukelis, PZA
Engineering: Simon Newitt, Steel Construct Australia