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St Ambrose Catholic Primary School

St Ambrose Primary School at Pottsville won Australian Institute of Architect Gold Coast and Queensland awards in 2017.

The first new school built within the diocese of Lismore in 20 years is bounded by wetlands and located next door to the Saints Mary and Ambrose Catholic Church.

Design combines elements of traditional weatherboard school and contemporary beach house. The school is built around a courtyard, encouraging students to engage with nature.

Educational architecture must inspire students and teachers and reflect current teaching and learning practices but remain adaptable to change.

This school’s design offers a variety of indoor and outdoor teaching areas. Indoor open plan classrooms can be modified to become smaller rooms. Y-Walls that operate on castors, dividing and connecting rooms were custom built for the project.

1 Charles Street, Pottsville


Building type: School
Architect: Pat Twohill Designs; Twohill and James
Built: Stage 1 2014-15; stages 2 & 3 2016-18
Website: sapotlism.catholic.edu.au