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Sand Bypass System

The Gold Coast Seaway boasts the world’s first permanent sand bypassing system and stands as one of the country’s most significant engineering feats from the 1980s.

The Gold Coast Waterways Authority is responsible for the operation of the Sand Bypass System. The System has the important task of helping maintain safe navigational access through the Gold Coast Seaway entrance, however, very few people know much about this unique and innovative facility.

The large-capacity fixed-sand bypassing system is an integral part of the design of the seaway and has the capacity to pump up to 500 cubic metres of sand across the Seaway per hour.

By opening their doors and welcoming the public to visit the Sand Bypass System, Gold Coast Waterways Authority hopes to provide an informative insight in to the history, construction and operation of the plant.

GCWA staff will be on hand on the day, including some who have worked on or with the plant since construction, to provide information and answer questions.

Gold Coast Sand Pumping Jetty, Main Beach, Queensland, Australia

10AM - 3PM



Self-guided tours. Visit the pump room and jetty. Closed in shoes are required.

Building type

Sand bypassing system


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