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Rockcote Design Centre

The Rockcote Design Centre, Australia’s first fully sustainable commercial development, has been winning acclaim since it was first sketched out on the drawing board.

Based on core values of biomimicry, radical waste reduction, integration and non-compromise, the build was planned to achieve maximum efficiency with minimum external inputs.

The buildings are oriented to allow winter sun into the main work areas, while being shaded and open to cool breezes in summer. The building is energy positive, with an array of solar panels ensuring the building produces more energy than it consumes.

Rockcote has won many prestigious awards: 2002 UDIA Champion Project for Sustainable Development; 2004 Year of the Built Environment Premier’s Award and Queensland Government Award; 2005 UDIA Award (Qld) for Excellence in Sustainable Development; 2005 Energex Award for Excellence in Sustainable Development; 2005 Citation from the Environmental Protection Agency; 2006 President’s Award, UDIA National Awards for Excellence.

6 Indy Court, Carrara

10AM - 2PM



Join a 20 minuted guided tour every hour

Building type



2004; renovated 2017


Robin Butt Design, Dr Graham Barker