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Main Beach Apartments

Ultimate beachfront at Main Beach is a prized location, and these apartments are built on an iconic slice of its sought-after beachfront land.

The elegant modern structure features carefully articulated facades which respond to the streetscape, as well as giving a sense of space and openness from within.

The streetscape façade provides privacy from the street as well as opportunities to view out.

The northern façade allows the sun to penetrate in winter but a series of timber screens create privacy and shade in summer.

An important aspect of the design is the use of internal courtyard spaces which allow the air flow to penetrate further into the building. These spaces are read as deep recesses on the outside of the building which further adds to the drama of light and shade visible from the outside.

Because the apartments are a whole level each, they feel more like a house than an apartment.

Be quick for a spot on one of two exclusive tours for small groups.

3565 Main Beach Parade, Main Beach

11AM - 12PM



Pre-booked guided tours only

Building type

Residential Apartments




Virginia Kerridge