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Gold Coast Little Theatre

Dating back to 1950, Gold Coast Little Theatre (GCLT) is the Gold Coast’s oldest community theatre.

In the early days, plays and musicals were staged in what is now known as Molly's - two World War II Army Huts that sit one on top of the other.

The lower unit now houses thousands of costume items, while the upper unit is the regular rehearsal space for upcoming productions.

The main theatre building, which opened in 1983, has intimate seating for up to 150 guests in the classic raked seating formation, which offers a perfect view of the stage for all.

The stage features the classic proscenium. At the time of fit-out, a decision was made to carry the golden sands of the Gold Coast into the décor with a gold coloured main curtain.

Like many theatres around the world, several GCLT cast and crew members over the years have experienced the ‘Theatre Ghost’, but not all.

21A Scarborough Street, Southport

10AM - 2PM



Guided tours every hour from 10am

Building type

Community Theatre


Site first inhabited in 1960s; current theatre opened in 1983; amenities upgraded in 1990s.