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Fishway at Hinze Dam

Prior to the Stage 3 upgrade in 2008, Hinze Dam had been a barrier to fish passage, preventing migration upstream since the dam’s construction in the mid-1970s.

Part of the Stage 3 upgrade was to construct a fishway to restore a natural environment and migration patterns in the rivers upstream and downstream of the Hinze Dam. Upstream fish passage is provided via a trap and haul system, where fish are guided into the hopper by an environmental flow release, manually sorted, then transported upstream to Hinze Dam via dedicated trailers.

Downstream fish passage is provided through the ungated spillway during spill events, guiding fish
through the spillway training walls and returning downstream into the Nerang River.

The guided tours at the Hinze Dam Fishway are a truly unique opportunity to go behind the scenes at a facility which is not accessible to the general public.

Hinze Dam Fishway, Advancetown


Long pants, long sleeved shirts, enclosed shoes and hats must be worn. Children under 18 years of age must be supervised by parent/guardian.

Building type: Fish catchment system
Architect: Practical Engineering
Website: seqwater.com.au