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Broadbeach Library

The Broadbeach Library building was one of the Council's most sustainable when constructed due to the abundance of natural light, rainwater harvesting, recyclable materials and the use of the existing library which is buried in amongst the new building.

Design ideas came from the past natural landscape, the sand hills behind Broadbeach that were used to fill the swamps and creates the canals. Casuarina groves ran wild. The past sand hills climb high as the form of the roof, the thin tree trunks the window framing, the skylights providing dappled light in the forest.

The coloured ends are remnants of the Karl Langer Broadbeach International Hotel and the random colour of house roofs in the surrounding canals, making it a building linked to the landscape of Broadbeach as a timeless reminder of the past.

On opening, the library enjoyed a 400% increase in membership. The idea of books being obsolete is very much not the case as the library houses 80,000 books as well as visiting exhibitions from the Gold Coast City Council Gallery and meeting spaces for the community.

61 Sunshine Blvd, Mermaid Waters

10am - 3pm



Guided and self-guided tours. A guided tour will be run every hour and will take visitors through the facility for approximately 20 minutes.

Building type



Fulton Trotter Architects