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Somerville Funerals

Ralf (Sonny) Tennant Johnston erected Sata Nita as a bridal suite ahead of his 1936 marriage to bride-to-be Lila. It was built in the Spanish Mission style employed on the Gold Coast beachfront in buildings used as swimmers change rooms and surf clubs.

Johnston, half of Johnston and Freeman Lumber Merchants, scoured the region for the best timbers with red cedars from Numinbah and Springbrook used throughout. The living room floor was prepared from a single tree.

Ceiling plasterwork is typical of the period and still in excellent condition. A master plasterer from Italy spent six months on the job. The entrance door features some of the original leadlight glass work.

Sata Nita was the Johnston family home until well into the 1980s when it changed owners and became an antiques store. Somerville Funerals relocated from High Street, Southport, in 1994. Much of the original fit-out and decor remain the same.


65 Nind St, Southport

9.00am - 4.00pm



Guided tours will operate every 15 minutes with a maximum of 8 people, and will take groups through the Funeral Home. The tour will take approximately 10 minutes. Feel free to visit and join in on the next available tour. Tea and coffee will be provided.

Building type



Ralf (Sonny) Tennant Johnston


Approx 1932